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Visit Azores

The Azores Islands of Portugal are some of the most unique and beautiful places on Earth. On the island of Terceira, you can discover Algar do Carvão, the only dormant volcano in the world that you can enter. From the culture and music to the sights and people, there is no other place like it. We created this video to show you a new bucket list destination and spark the desire to explore.


Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Matthew Walter


Producer / Cinematographer: Ulises Garcia

Visit Azores (Full 4K v2)
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Visit Lake Almanor

After the Dixie Fire ravaged Plumas County and made it's way to the Lake Almanor region, many locals feared they were going to lose their homes and businesses. Miraculously, the fire was stopped before reaching most of the area. We helped the Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce create a video that encompasses the beauty of the region and to let people know that they are here and ready to serve you with an incredible experience. Only three hours from Sacramento, this place should be your next adventure destination.