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DGS - Transforming the Skyline

We helped produce a video for the Department of General Services Sacramento for their new Natural Resources Building. This video showcases all of the production tasks, teamwork, and complexity that goes into such a large scale project. This building has now become the pinnacle of Sacramento - where it is "Transforming the Skyline."

DGS - Transforming the Skyline
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Director / Producer: Glenn Lee Robinson | Cinematographer: Matthew Walter


Turner-DeMarco Commercial

Val Turner and Gail DeMarco are top-producing Realtors
in the Sacramento region. They connected with us to create a local commercial to inform people of the low inventory in the housing market. With Folsom Lake having a low water level at the time, we made the connection of having the opportunity to sell your house with little competition to being able to boat on the waters with less people.